Monday, 4 January 2016

Step into an IT Career With The iCollege IT Security & Management Bundle (94% off)

High-level jobs aren’t simply given out; a lot of hard work that goes into landing your desired position. If IT management is your life’s calling, then your immediate future calls for proper certification – and prepping for the essential certification exams is critical.

Help assert your authority in the industry, and bolster your career prospects with the iCollege IT Security & Management Bundle, now on offer for just $59 from TNW Deals.

The iCollege IT Security & Management Bundle fully prepares you to take four industry-recognized exams: the Certified Information Systems Security Professional, the CompTIA Security+ Certification, the Certified Information Systems Auditor, and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library exams.

The instruction is based around professional qualifications, so it is not only about the basic principles of security, but also how to put them into practice in the real world. This includes content on managing secure databases and infrastructure, along with cryptography, and systems to help with avoiding human error. You’ll get a handle on basic terminology and principles so you’re fully comfortable with core concepts before moving on to more advanced material.

The courses work towards ITIL, CISA, CompTIA and — all of which should catch the eye of potential employers — with exam simulations, tips, and case studies. Plus, you get two years of access, so you can take your time.

Upgrade your security knowledge and take a leap in your career with the iCollege IT Security & Management Bundle, now 94 percent off from TNW Deals.

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